Yes, Another Raspberry Case

Finally a cool case for Single Board Computer


YARC (Yes, Another Raspberry Case) is an hexagonal case with a superior honeycomb texture that can contain most of the single board computer cards on the market:

  • Raspberrypi: B +, 2B, 3B, 3B +, 4B, A +, 3A +
  • Odroid: C1, C2
  • Up: Up-board
  • Asus: Tinker board, Tinker board S
  • Radxa: Rockpi4
  • Orangepi: Pi PC, Pi PC2, Pi PC Plus
  • and many others

There is enough space to insert an additional HAT such as a Dac, an Active fan, a Poe hat, or others.

And finally the space for an SSD or HDD where you can save all your data (you can also insert 2 or 3 HDDs to create a home NAS). The slot on the bottom allows excellent ventilation and can also be used to insert IR sensors or an RGB lighting system connected to the GPIO

We also provided space for cable management to keep everything as tidy as possible.

Dimensions: 168mm x 150mm x 45mm

"the prototypes in the photo are 3d printed with hp fusionjet the finished product will be injection molded in ABS / PC"


  • Mediacenter
  • Desktop Replacement
  • Retrogaming Console
  • Music Jukebox
  • Nas
  • and other application


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Worldwide shipment in July 2020!